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Pow Wow Dancers:
In the beginning the meaning of Pow Wow was a gathering of people coming together to trade. Some dancer performed before Indian warriors left the village to hunt, raid or do battle. When they returned, a celebration was held for their success. Other dancers were also performed as religious ceremonies and to honor individuals or to initiate members of different tribal organizations. Not all tribes gathered to dance with others, since many were enemies. Presently, differences are set aside. Native people from all over North America and beyond come together to celebrate and reaffirm their shared heritage and traditions. Old ware dances have blended to become a general dance style, and other styles have also been rediscovered to create the five main types of dancing seen at today’s Pow Wows. Each dancer is dressed in beautiful handmade garment, with pride and honor on their face.

The term Kachina refers to a masked and costumed dancer representing various spiritual and natural aspects of life. Kachinas are: friends, guardians, messengers to the Gods; they have supernatural powers, bestow blessings and nurture life. All Kachina impersonations are performed by males, including the figures representing female kachinas. They are spirits that represent sounds, animals, characterization of people, crops, sun, earth, stars, and the moon.

The Double Kachina Dolls
These beautiful dolls represent the father teaching the son the Pow Wow Dances. This series of six make a wonderful addition to your collection.

These beautiful Kachina Dolls are made from Aspen wood and the bases are Cedar. The artist uses leather, turkey feathers, turquoise, pheasant feathers, silver conchos and rabbit fur to decorate the doll.

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