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Beautiful painted ponies created by American Artists and all are hand painted. New ponies are released 4 times a year and some of the ponies are sent out to pasture several times a year. There are themes for patriotic, celebrity, mystical, animal, holiday, race horses etc.

Take a look at the horses displayed on my web site for the complete story and pictures of ponies that I have or have had. Check the selected pony for availability.I HAVE ACCESS TO A COLLECTION THAT WAS STARTED IN 2008. ALL HAVE BOXES AND ARE IN PRISTINE CONDITION.

A Gift from the Sea
SKU: 4027274

According to legend, the Greek god Poseidon (a.k.a. Neptune) ruled the seas from a palace of coral and gems on the ocean floor. He was said to have a volatile temperament. When angered, he would summon storms that wrecked ships. For fun, he created monsters like octopus and squid. To demonstrate his love for his wife, he created the dolphin; but he also had a wandering eye. When he pursued the goddess of fields and harvests, she told him, "If you give a gift, the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth, I will be yours." So he created a horse and, when it galloped from the sea, tossing its mane and tail, she thought it was so beautiful she gasped and said she was his forever. Won't be avilable untilFebruary 28, 2012

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A Royal Holiday 2015
SKU: 4046334SS

Welcome to the Royal Palace, where you are invited to throw open the stable doors and go for a Royal Ride on a prancing Royal Pony that is decorated with glittering, golden hooves and a glorious, gilded saddle encrusted with rubies. Most certainly, a gift for a King or a Queen that will complete a Royal Holiday.

Price:  $49.99

American Beauty
SKU: 4055522

Along with floral floats and marching bands, Parade Horses magnificently attired in elaborate western- style tack - brightly decorated breast collars, silver- studded saddles with long tapaderos on the stirrups, and brightly colored ribbons and flowers added to the mane and tail - are an important part of the magic that swirls around such grand American celebrations as the Rose Parade on New Year's Day.

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Ancient Dreams
SKU: 4058156

In ancient times, a small group of Indian people occupied remote villages along river drainages in the desert Southwest. Climate change and warfare caused them to disperse, and they effectively died out as a tribe. When Spanish explorers arrived in the New World, the only things left of the Hohokum were the elaborate irrigation canals they had dug, and pots and shards stunningly decorated with a distinct style that was defined by red geometric designs repeated in small motifs over buffware, and is remembered by this award- winning New Mexico painter.

Price:  $49.99

Arabian Splendor
SKU: 4058154

When you ride into a show ring on an Arabian horse to appear in the Costume Class, the objective is to stand out and be noticed. To catch every judges attention. To be the crowd favorite. So, the way you are dressed should be eye-catchingly imaginative and elegant. Dramatic with colors that dazzle, tassels that shimmy, and rhinestones that sparkle in the show ring lights. Looking like Arabian Splendor, the creation of an acclaimed Arizona artist, in other words.

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Christmas Country Christmas
SKU: 4016CC

Beautiful Country setting with snow and stars. Special pony

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Christmas Parade
SKU: 4016CP

Beautiful palomino pony with Christmas Decorations

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Cloud Hunter
SKU: 4046337

Typical of the speech of a cowboy, the ways of a bucking horse were referred to in colorfully descriptive terms. When a horse reared wildly and vaulted upwards, mane flying and hooves flailing as if it intended to go up and up into the sky, it was called a cloud hunter. By making the horse a Paint whose spots take on the appearance of thunderclouds, the artist has added another layer of meaning to the old horsemans saying.

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Dance of the Lipizzans
SKU: 4055524

The story of the Lipizzan has many dramatic twists and turns, starting in the 1600s when it was developed as a breed that could be taught to do difficult motions on command and with balletic grace and precision - including highly controlled, stylized jumps known as airs above the ground. - and almost ending in World War II when the breed was saved from extinction by American troops. With Dance of the Lipizzans, a masterpiece by a New Mexico equine artist, the legend lives on.

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Eqyptian Gold
SKU: 4053783

Gold was a symbol of power and immortality in Ancient Egypt, and as a decorative covering, gold leaf was believed to bring eternal life, the most famous example being the fabulous death mask of Tutankhamun. Working out of knowledge and love of Egyptian history, this Canadian artist has gilded a Painted Pony with the facsimile of gold leaf, and then decorated the form with symbols, images and hieroglyphics that tell the story of a battle won by a Pharaoh riding a horse- drawn chariot. The result is a Pony that preserves the richness and mystery of the many religious artifacts found in the tombs and pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

Price:  $45.00

Fawn Memories
SKU: 4053781

With the arrival of Spring comes new life, new beginnings and treasures that are a promise of tomorrows to come. There could be no better way to capture the blessings of this time of year than to paint a little fawn nestled on the forest floor where it is almost invisible beneath nature's blanket of dried leaves, hidden by its mother to keep it safe.

Price:  $49.99

Guardian Angel
SKU: 4046336

Notes from the artists journal: When I think of angels I envision a quiet presence, a listener, a gentle soul who comforts me. I also imagine a powerful strength and unshakable courage that helps me fight my battles and carries me to safety. It occurs to me that a horse embodies these very same qualities and so I have created a Guardian Angel who soars silently, conveying a message of joy, hope, faith, love and peace to the world as he fades in and out of the clouds. AVAILABLE 2-15-2016

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Holiday S'Mores & More 2014
SKU: 4016HSM

Pony all deck out with S'mores standing on a graham cracker

Price:  $39.99

Home Sweet Home
SKU: 4055519

The Clydesdale is a popular breed that originated in mid-18th Century Scotland, and was historically used to haul carts and carriages. It is known as a gentle giant for its large size and easygoing temperament. With Home Sweet Home, the artist has captured its loving and nurturing side by placing a newborn foal cuddled in the protective care of its proud mother. For Clydesdale babies, mom is home.

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King of Hearts
SKU: 4024357SS

Long ago, and far away, a majestic horse was born in the small, picturesque town of Clydesdale, Scotland. Three hundred years later, this enormous draught horse has become one of the world's most famous "gentle giants" and one of the most beloved horses in America. With grace, elegance and an effortless gait, the Clydesdale is so handsome that you are sure to fall in love. Decked out in the finest, fancy red-and-gold tack, this Painted Pony will steal your heart... that is why he is the King of Hearts.

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Navajo Chief
SKU: 4055526SS

Distinguished by diamond patterns, indigo blue stripes, and dyed red yarns, Navajo Chief blankets are the most recognizable and valuable of all Navajo weavings. Prized and traded for by wealthy and powerful members of Plains Tribes long before the white man set foot on the land that became known as America, they were especially valued as saddle blankets, where they communicated the tribal status and rank of the rider.

Price:  $49.99

Old Fashion Christrmas 2013
SKU: 4016OFC

Truly an old fashion pony

Price:  $44.99

Ribbons of Love
SKU: 4055525AA

The artist had the name horse lover in mind when she created a design that featured a pink horse wrapped in free-flowing ribbons that hold red and gold hearts, and frame the portrait of a magnificent silver stallion&.

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Runs the Bitterroot
SKU: 12280

The Native Americans' admiration for the horse took many forms. A favored horse dressed for ceremony or war would often be adorned with striking regalia, as well as painted. The beauty and mystery of the Indian horse mask as the emblem of a warrior Pony is captured with great power by an Oklahoma historian/artist in this masterful tribute to Chief Joseph. The legendary leader of the Nez Perce, who is credited with the successful breeding of the Appaloosa, is remembered for his principled resistance to the forced removal of the Nez Perce from their Idaho homelands. Chief Joseph's surrender speech, in which he said "From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever," immortalized him in American history and popular culture.

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Sundown to Moonrise
SKU: 4052786

Known for his highly personalized, contemporary interpretations of Nature, this former Creative Director with a New York Marketing agency turned fine arts painter has focused his artistic talent on the wondrous effects of a sundown and moonrise on a stand of saguaro cactus in an effort to offer new dimensions in how we see our one-of-a-kind desert landscape. A Standard Edition figurine is an open-numbered casting that comes with a Story Card inside an attractive, laminated box that completes the collectability of every Painted Pony.

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SKU: 4022067

For centuries, sweethearts have shared their affection for one another with sweet sentiments that have been carefully decorated with hearts and flowers. Sweetheart is also a charming term of endearment that symbolizes love and caring. This romantic Painted Pony is embellished with delicate golden tendrils, surrounded by lovely leaves and fanciful flowers that blossom with red hearts which are featured on a stunning black background. This traditional Ukrainian style of painting is appreciated for its delicacy and complexity and has been treasured for over 2,000 years. Discover what true love is all about with Sweetheart.

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Wrecking Ball
SKU: 4055523SS

he hottest celebrities on the Rodeo Circuit today are the professional bull riders - those rough and tumble cowboys who strive for an eight second ride on the back of a leaping, spinning, 2,000 pound beast that is all muscle and meanness. As anyone who has seen a bull riding event knows, it is a thrilling, dangerous, action-packed sport whose spirit and appeal is perfectly captured in Wrecking Bull.

Price:  $55.00