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Beautiful painted ponies created by American Artists and all are hand painted. New ponies are released 4 times a year and some of the ponies are sent out to pasture several times a year. There are themes for patriotic, celebrity, mystical, animal, holiday, race horses etc.

Take a look at the horses displayed on my web site for the complete story and pictures of ponies that I have or have had. Check the selected pony for availability.I HAVE ACCESS TO A COLLECTION THAT WAS STARTED IN 2008. ALL HAVE BOXES AND ARE IN PRISTINE CONDITION.

SKU: 4034632

In the Biblical telling of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, angels proclaimed to the shepherds in nearby fields watching over their flocks that a King was born, and they should follow the Star of Bethlehem shining brightly in the east to the stable where the newborn child lay in a manger.

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A Gift from the Sea
SKU: 4027274

According to legend, the Greek god Poseidon (a.k.a. Neptune) ruled the seas from a palace of coral and gems on the ocean floor. He was said to have a volatile temperament. When angered, he would summon storms that wrecked ships. For fun, he created monsters like octopus and squid. To demonstrate his love for his wife, he created the dolphin; but he also had a wandering eye. When he pursued the goddess of fields and harvests, she told him, "If you give a gift, the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth, I will be yours." So he created a horse and, when it galloped from the sea, tossing its mane and tail, she thought it was so beautiful she gasped and said she was his forever. Won't be avilable untilFebruary 28, 2012

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A Royal Holiday 2015
SKU: 4046334SS

Welcome to the Royal Palace, where you are invited to throw open the stable doors and go for a Royal Ride on a prancing Royal Pony that is decorated with glittering, golden hooves and a glorious, gilded saddle encrusted with rubies. Most certainly, a gift for a King or a Queen that will complete a Royal Holiday.

Price:  $49.99

American Beauty
SKU: 4055522

Along with floral floats and marching bands, Parade Horses magnificently attired in elaborate western- style tack - brightly decorated breast collars, silver- studded saddles with long tapaderos on the stirrups, and brightly colored ribbons and flowers added to the mane and tail - are an important part of the magic that swirls around such grand American celebrations as the Rose Parade on New Year's Day.

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Ancient Dreams
SKU: 4058156

In ancient times, a small group of Indian people occupied remote villages along river drainages in the desert Southwest. Climate change and warfare caused them to disperse, and they effectively died out as a tribe. When Spanish explorers arrived in the New World, the only things left of the Hohokum were the elaborate irrigation canals they had dug, and pots and shards stunningly decorated with a distinct style that was defined by red geometric designs repeated in small motifs over buffware, and is remembered by this award- winning New Mexico painter.

Price:  $49.99

Arabian Splendor
SKU: 4058154

When you ride into a show ring on an Arabian horse to appear in the Costume Class, the objective is to stand out and be noticed. To catch every judges attention. To be the crowd favorite. So, the way you are dressed should be eye-catchingly imaginative and elegant. Dramatic with colors that dazzle, tassels that shimmy, and rhinestones that sparkle in the show ring lights. Looking like Arabian Splendor, the creation of an acclaimed Arizona artist, in other words.

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Bear Berry Christmas 2012
SKU: 4027781

It's early Christmas Morning and snowflakes have begun to fall, Santa has delivered his presents, four bears, one short, and one tall. While the family is still asleep and dreaming of the morn to come, The four li'l bears spring to life, and take the ponies for a run. The smallest climbs up on the gray and rocks him round the tree, While his furry friends cheer "Giddy up," spurring him on with glee. The tallest bear takes his scarf from his neck, then swings it like a rope, And catches the pony with all the spots, and rides him into a lope. All the bears have lots of fun, but the time is finally near, To put ponies away for another day, cuz Beary Merry Christmas

Price:  $48.00

Bell's N Elves 2013
SKU: 4034633

This whimsical Painted Ponys name is ELF, and he is Santas secret helper. His job is to keep an eye on all the girls and boys, checking if they have been naughty or nice, and putting them on Santas list. There are times when ELF tends to be mischievous, however, sneaking away from his duties to run and play with the reindeer at the North Pole. Santa has put jingle bells on his outfit so he can keep track of his little ELF Pony.

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Black Jack
SKU: 4034630

Did you know that "Blackjack" is the most popular casino card game in the world? This fast-paced game of skill, also known as "21," arrived in America in the late 1700s, from Europe. Ambitious gambling houses offered a bonus payout to players whose hands contained the ace of spades and a black jack. Soon, "Blackjack" became the official name of the most exciting card game in America! We invite you to discover the thrill of the game with Black Jack.

Price:  $44.99

Blood Brothers
SKU: 4043943

Native Americans believed that the bond between horse and rider was sacred. These two spirits became one. Blood Brothers pays tribute to this eternal devotion as a loyal war pony respectfully bows at the grave of his fallen rider&his friend&his Blood Brother. Even at the end of life, these bonds of loyalty and love could never be broken.

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Cheyenne Warrior
SKU: 4035091

Dog Soldiers were the military elite within the Cheyenne culture on the Northern Plains during the mid- 1850s, when their homelands were besieged by fortune seekers and homesteaders. Respected as well as feared, these warriors were sworn to protect their people at all costs. To cover the retreat of a companion or village under attack, the bravest among them would stay behind and stake themselves to the ground with a dog sash secured to a lance, remaining there until death if necessary.

Price:  $25.00

Christmas Canter
SKU: 4040990

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Christmas Country Christmas
SKU: 4016CC

Beautiful Country setting with snow and stars. Special pony

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Christmas Parade
SKU: 4016CP

Beautiful palomino pony with Christmas Decorations

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Cloud Hunter
SKU: 4046337

Typical of the speech of a cowboy, the ways of a bucking horse were referred to in colorfully descriptive terms. When a horse reared wildly and vaulted upwards, mane flying and hooves flailing as if it intended to go up and up into the sky, it was called a cloud hunter. By making the horse a Paint whose spots take on the appearance of thunderclouds, the artist has added another layer of meaning to the old horsemans saying.

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Country Music
SKU: 4030253

Country Music is all about two things that millions of people hold close to their heart: country music and horses. Some of the biggest stars who ever performed onstage at the Grand Ole Opry  George Jones, Charlie Daniels, Tanya Tucker, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson  grew up with horses, and dreamed of becoming a cowboy or cowgirl. Horses helped them escape from the chaos of the world and were their true companions. With musical notes blended into her spots, guitars as tributes to their musical abilities, and wearing a trick saddle, Country Music invites collectors into the private world these country stars shared with some of their closest friends  their beloved horses.

Price:  $47.99

Cowgirl Cadillac
SKU: 4020476

Cowgirl Cadillac is a tribute to all horse-crazy girls who are young and young at heart. Saddle up for the ride that lasts a lifetime on the back of a true dream machine...Ride on!

Price:  $44.99

Cowgirls Rule
SKU: 4026390

Cowgirls Rule is a charming tribute to all the wonderful women who have chosen to take life by the reins! If you have ever dreamed of warm summer evenings on a western ranch, listening to the twang of a country guitar under a blanket of stars, then you are a cowgirl at heart. Let these vintage cowgirls take you back in time...

Price:  $44.99

SKU: 4034629

Expressing one's faith in the positive power of a cross by hanging it on the wall or over a door in the belief it will protect home and life, is a tradition practiced round the world. With "Crossroads," the artist pays tribute to those ornamental crosses often found in farm houses, prairie barns and Western churches that are designed with cowboy flair, and are forged by hand out of unique materials: cowhide and conchos, tooled leather and sterling silver stars, wood and nailheads.

Price:  $49.00

Crow Warrior
SKU: 4049714a

Once a nomadic tribe that roamed what is now Montana and Wyoming, the way of life for the Crow Indian Tribe changed dramatically with the acquisition of the horse. Young men, instructed in horsemanship at an early age, grew into warriors who inspired awe among other tribes for their amazing feats on horseback. An Oklahoma artist who has studied Plains Indians extensively created this tribute to the way the Crow also dressed their horses with more display than many other tribes, incorporating quill embroidery, beadwork, pendants, braided rawhide and the carving arts into their equine regalia.

Price:  $25.00

Dance of the Lipizzans
SKU: 4055524

The story of the Lipizzan has many dramatic twists and turns, starting in the 1600s when it was developed as a breed that could be taught to do difficult motions on command and with balletic grace and precision - including highly controlled, stylized jumps known as airs above the ground. - and almost ending in World War II when the breed was saved from extinction by American troops. With Dance of the Lipizzans, a masterpiece by a New Mexico equine artist, the legend lives on.

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Don't Fence Me
SKU: 4040982

Developed in Great Britain after World War II by Gypsies who wanted to create an artistic breed of horse to pull their highly decorated and colorful caravans, Gypsy Vanners are small draft horses popularly recognized for their long and flowing manes and tails, and the lush feathers on their lower legs that swish when they move. When a Vanner stallion kicks up its heels and runs across a pasture, it all but calls out, with class, presence and style, Hey! Look at me! I am special. I can do anything. Dont fence me in.

Price:  $50.00

Ebony in Harmony
SKU: 4037602

Paint Horses have inspired artists from the beginning of recorded time. Their likeness appears on prehistoric cave walls, on decorated pottery found in Egyptian tombs, and on buffalo robes painted by Indian tribes in the American West. Known for markings that often look like black paint splashed over a white horses body, no two Paint horses are ever the same. However horses do like companionship, and with this Painted Pony you will find that each Paint is paired with another, bringing harmony to the overall design.

Price:  $0.00

El Dorado
SKU: 4030258

There is a legendary story of a magnificent "Lost City of Gold" which has fascinated explorers since the quests of the Conquistadors. This legend lives on in El Dorado, an amazing Andalusian horse, finely decorated in gold from his mane to his gilded horseshoes! The sacred symbol of "El Corazon," or "the heart," may be found in the fine details of this stunning Spanish Painted Pony. Follow your heart to El Dorado...

Price:  $50.00

Empress of the Wind
SKU: 4041038

They say that the winds are like a woman, always changing...There are the Winds of Time which span history and the Winds of Change, which mark transformations. Then there are the Winds of Dawn, which signal renewal. All of these, from The Empress of the Winds.

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English Holiday 2014
SKU: 4016EH

Beautiful English Jumper with Christmas decorations.

Price:  $0.00

Eqyptian Gold
SKU: 4053783

Gold was a symbol of power and immortality in Ancient Egypt, and as a decorative covering, gold leaf was believed to bring eternal life, the most famous example being the fabulous death mask of Tutankhamun. Working out of knowledge and love of Egyptian history, this Canadian artist has gilded a Painted Pony with the facsimile of gold leaf, and then decorated the form with symbols, images and hieroglyphics that tell the story of a battle won by a Pharaoh riding a horse- drawn chariot. The result is a Pony that preserves the richness and mystery of the many religious artifacts found in the tombs and pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

Price:  $45.00

EZ Rider
SKU: EZ 123

This patriotic little ride is a two-wheel invitation for a road trip that'll take your breath away! Jump in the saddle, grab the handle bars, and see what this red, white and blue can do for you! Dimensions 5.25" H x 1.5" W x 5" L Material Stone Resin

Price:  $24.99

Fallen Hero Memorial Pony
SKU: special

This pony is very hard to find. It has been retired for a long time.

Price:  $0.00

Fawn Memories
SKU: 4053781

With the arrival of Spring comes new life, new beginnings and treasures that are a promise of tomorrows to come. There could be no better way to capture the blessings of this time of year than to paint a little fawn nestled on the forest floor where it is almost invisible beneath nature's blanket of dried leaves, hidden by its mother to keep it safe.

Price:  $49.99

For Spacious Skys
SKU: 12274

"Some of the most famous memorials, monuments and landmarks in our country inspired my Pony," says the artist, a full-time graphic designer at the University of Illinois. While acknowledging that Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, the U.S. Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial can only be fully appreciated when experienced in person, the artist wanted her Pony to be a kind of road trip across America... on horseback. The original For Spacious Skies was the People's Choice Award winner of the national America the Beautiful competition.

Price:  $45.00

Freedom Reigns
SKU: 4034631

What better way of showing the Spirit of America than to remember our heritage through our nation's symbols  from the Statue of Liberty, which was given to us in honor of our ideals of freedom and liberty for all... to the Declaration of Independence, a document that provided us with a democratic government, ensuring individual freedoms, equality and independence for all citizens... to the White House and Capitol Building, where our leaders work to improve and secure our national heritage and principles... all wrapped up in the Stars and Stripes that we display and wave proudly in times of war, grief and celebration.

Price:  $44.99

Friends Forever
SKU: 4036430

Friendship comes in many forms. Whether shared by two humans, or two horses standing together in the woods, the power of knowing someone else cares, thinks were special, and loves us for who we are, makes life better.

Price:  $0.00

God Speed
SKU: 4046348

Created by an artist who is intimately familiar with racehorses because she owns one, "Godspeed" is more than a brilliant rendition of a jockey on a Thoroughbred whose tail and mane flag in the wind as they speed towards the winners circle. Wearing checkered blinkers (symbolic of the checkered flag associated with a winner) and colorful silks (that identify the owner and carry a shamrock for good fortune), it is a lucky piece in its own right. The title comes from a term used when trainers send their riders out for a race, and wish them a safe journey and safe return. For those who believe in luck, it is a gift of hope for a prosperous journey through life.

Price:  $54.99

Gold Rush Figurine
SKU: 4027290

This Painted Pony is as good as gold! Inspired by the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800s, Gold Rush magically captures the look and feel of mountain currents, carrying gold nuggets downstream, where the dreams of gold-seeking treasure hunters came true. Stake your claim on the vast riches of the American West, just like those prickly prospectors who panned for that glittering gold did, over a century ago.

Price:  $44.99

Guardian Angel
SKU: 4046336

Notes from the artists journal: When I think of angels I envision a quiet presence, a listener, a gentle soul who comforts me. I also imagine a powerful strength and unshakable courage that helps me fight my battles and carries me to safety. It occurs to me that a horse embodies these very same qualities and so I have created a Guardian Angel who soars silently, conveying a message of joy, hope, faith, love and peace to the world as he fades in and out of the clouds. AVAILABLE 2-15-2016

Price:  $0.00

Guardian of Sunset Gate
SKU: 4040980

It is dangerous time when braves with keen senses take responsibility for the protection of their people, and along with their ever-alert horses, become watchmen of the night& guardians of sunsets gate.

Price:  $50.00

Gypsy Winter Dreams

This pony was hiding. Beautiful Black and white paint with a Christmas bag on its back. Beautiful pony. Special

Gypsy Winter Dreams
SKU: 72020

With their long forelocks and thick manes and tails, Gypsy Vanners evoke a romance and beauty unlike any other horse breed. Often pictured grazing in emerald- green Irish meadows or pulling ornate wagons down country lanes, delighting the imagination of this artist is the image of a Gypsy Vanner playing Santa as it delivers sacks of gifts on Christmas Eve.

Price:  $25.00

Happy Birthday
SKU: 4021512

This adorable Happy Birthday Pony is here to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Everyone wants a Pony for their birthday; so saddle up, put your party hat on and get ready to celebrate your birthday

Price:  $0.00

Holiday S'Mores & More 2014
SKU: 4016HSM

Pony all deck out with S'mores standing on a graham cracker

Price:  $39.99

Holiday Village Christmas Cookie 2012
SKU: 4027279

Here's a recipe for a new Christmas classic. You start with a little bit of tradition, along the lines of a sugar cookie. You add some whimsy: Instead of a snow- roofed cottage and Yule trees, you cut out tiny Indian people, tipis and eagle feathers. Then you bring in color and sparkle, dressing each figure in the primary Christmas colors of red and green, and sprinkling glitter to make it seem as if it's snowing. And when all the notes are ringing in harmony, you have a masterful, one-of-a-kind Holiday Painted Pony named Village Christmas Cookie that looks so tasty you almost want to bite into it.

Price:  $45.00

Home Sweet Home
SKU: 4055519

The Clydesdale is a popular breed that originated in mid-18th Century Scotland, and was historically used to haul carts and carriages. It is known as a gentle giant for its large size and easygoing temperament. With Home Sweet Home, the artist has captured its loving and nurturing side by placing a newborn foal cuddled in the protective care of its proud mother. For Clydesdale babies, mom is home.

Price:  $0.00

Horse of Rising Sun
SKU: 4049715

An acclaimed Native artist from the Jemez Pueblo, in New Mexico, George Toya describes his work as part fantasy, part reality, and filled with narrative awaiting discovery. His Painted Pony depicts, on one side, the night with the stars, constellations, shooting star, and moon, with the North Star at the center so we never lose our way. On the other side he presents the day with different life forms, images and colors that represent beauty, and the sun at the center without which life is not possible.

Price:  $51.99

Horse Whispers Girl Talk
SKU: 4028505

My Story: Sometimes it takes a girl to say just the right things. "It's okay." "Easy, little one." "Hey there, sweetie pie." This is "Girl Talk." A young, helmeted performance rider takes a moment to try to win over a Palomino foal that is awkwardly caught between fear and attraction, flight and affection. Girl Talk will speak volumes to someone you are getting to know, and it's just a matter of time before you are BFFs. Also, New Beginnings, Wishes, Kindness, Inspiration, Friendship.

Price:  $0.00

Horse Whispers Apple of My Eye NOT AVAILABLE
SKU: 4034002

My Story: Each Horse Whispers figurine is beautifully sculpted with an extraordinary sensitivity to expression and gesture, and individually painted by hand in exquisitely soft colors. The feelings and emotions that are reflected often cannot be put into words, but are personally recognizable. This is why they make such wonderful gifts. No matter what the occasion, you can't go wrong with a Horse Whispers figurine. Horse crazy girls share everything with their horse  from their strongest feelings and deepest secrets, to their apples.

Price:  $0.00

Horse Whispers Poetry in Motion -NOT AVAILABLE
SKU: 4028506

I'm on top of the world, my horse is my devotion. We move quietly together, like "Poetry in Motion." Without benefit of a saddle or reins, a barefoot girl in cutoffs gently guides a long-maned, long-tailed stallion through a series of movements as if they were dance partners. Poetry in Motion is a beautiful way to communicate with someone with whom you share similar feelings and common goals. Also, Harmony, Friendship, Happiness, Celebrations, Wedding.

Price:  $0.00

Horse Whispers Wild at Heart
SKU: 4028508a

My Story: I'd rather be a cowgirl than a princess or a queen. So here's to all you cowgirls, who are truly "Wild at Heart." A happy, hat-waving cowgirl shares a moment of unbridled joy with her spirited mount, who shows off his wild side with a kick that launches him skyward and churns up dust. Wild at Heart is a great way to say to someone, "Get out and enjoy life. It will do you good." Also, Free Spirit, Happiness, Encouragement, Thinking of You, Get Well, Just Because.

Price:  $0.00

Horseplay Figurine
SKU: 4027291

This playful Painted Pony is all about the games people play. From board games to baseball, these are the games of our lives! We begin with a simple jump rope and tic- tac-toe and soon we are playing team sports that teach us about good sportsmanship. Finally, there are the card games and board games that invite us to exercise our minds, as well. Horseplay invites everyone to discover the joy of playing games with family & friends.

Price:  $47.99

Iron Horse
SKU: 4030255a

This Iron Horse honors the horse's contribution to the exploration and settling of America. Before the first locomotives chugged across the Great Plains, the horse brought explorers, surveyors, engineers, dreamers and their families westward. It was the horse who ferried supplies and information from the cities to the settlers. Iron Horse carries a lantern because he led the way into the great unknown, and he stands on the tracks he forged for the giant engines that would replace him  engines that even today bear his namesake.

Price:  $0.00

Keeper of Dreams
SKU: 4055521

Inspired by the Native American belief that Dream Catchers collect both good and bad dreams - the bad dreams get caught in the web and are burned off by the morning sun, while good dreams get filtered into the feathers from the web and are stored there for another night - this artist has designed a Painted Pony that collects only the good ones.

Price:  $0.00

Keeper of Sacred Fire

This pony has been retired and is no longer available unless I can get it at a reasonsable price. I have one right now. 5/01/2013

Price:  $0.00

King of Hearts
SKU: 4024357SS

Long ago, and far away, a majestic horse was born in the small, picturesque town of Clydesdale, Scotland. Three hundred years later, this enormous draught horse has become one of the world's most famous "gentle giants" and one of the most beloved horses in America. With grace, elegance and an effortless gait, the Clydesdale is so handsome that you are sure to fall in love. Decked out in the finest, fancy red-and-gold tack, this Painted Pony will steal your heart... that is why he is the King of Hearts.

Price:  $0.00


Retired 1/08 Beautiful Indian pony. Have box and hang tag

Price:  $36.00

Little Big Horse
SKU: 4053765

Theres a good reason why the Norwegian Fjord Horse was the inspiration for the horse in the animated Disney hit, Frozen. A reason beyond the way its expressive eyes, amiable nature, charming personality, and distinctive crescent-shaped mane made it an endearing character, as distinctive in appearance as a unicorn. Selectively bred by Vikings to be hard-working, dependable and bomb proof, a Fjord was perfectly cast as a little horse with a big heart. AVAILABLE 2/15/2016

Price:  $51.99

Lovey Dovey
SKU: 4031003

Lovey Dovey is an expression we associate with affection and sentimentality, so it is appropriate that this Appaloosa pony is red  a color traditionally associated with love and passion  that it is graced with two white doves  beautiful birds that mate for life, share the work of building a nest, sitting on the eggs and raising the offspring, which is why they are often released at weddings  and is embellished everywhere with fancifully rendered hearts.

Price:  $0.00

Magical Mystery Mare
SKU: 4045492

Known for its flamboyant blanket of white spots, the Appaloosas coloring makes it unique in the horse world. Often there is no need for adornment  fancy saddles or bridles - as the pattern of its coat, splendidly displayed in Magical Mystery Mare, can sometimes take on a life of its own, transforming it into a work-of-art in its own right.

Price:  $0.00

Native Dreamer
SKU: 4058664

Dreams and visions are an important part of Native Americans spiritual life. From them, strength is drawn to meet challenges, future events are seen and instructions received that are guides to wisdom. Often these communications take the form of dream symbols that find their way into elaborate artistic expressions on pots, baskets, weavings, buffalo skins& and are painted on horses

Price:  $51.99

Navajo Chief
SKU: 4055526SS

Distinguished by diamond patterns, indigo blue stripes, and dyed red yarns, Navajo Chief blankets are the most recognizable and valuable of all Navajo weavings. Prized and traded for by wealthy and powerful members of Plains Tribes long before the white man set foot on the land that became known as America, they were especially valued as saddle blankets, where they communicated the tribal status and rank of the rider.

Price:  $49.99

Navajo Sand Painter
SKU: 4027289

According to the Navajo religion, the Universe is perfectly balanced and everything in it walks in beauty. There are times, however, when this balance is upset and harmony must be restored. Navajo Sand Painter depicts these ceremonies involving prayers, songs and sand paintings featuring sacred Navajo symbols carefully drawn with colorful sands by powerful Medicine Men. Mother Earth rejoices.

Price:  $0.00

Night Flight
SKU: 4068279

"Night Flight" is made of exquisite tinted translucent resin. Gazing up on clear cold nights at stars and constellations shining brightly and beautifully is the most inspiring time of day for this artist. It is a time when she feels she is no longer bound by the restraints of earth, ideas appear out of the blue, her dreams can take flight, and as though carried on the back of a mythical winged creature, she is transported to lands where amazing adventures await.

Price:  $49.99

Old Country Store
SKU: 4035093

Old Country Store was inspired by warm childhood memories of a general country store in this artists New Hampshire hometown. It had a hitching post out front, old-fashioned rocking chairs on the porch, and its jam- packed interior was heated by a pot-bellied stove. Once upon a time, country stores were a communitys stagecoach stop, town hall, post office and library, as well as unique shopping destinations where you could find just about everything under the sun  from staples like flour and sugar to pots and pans to long underwear, and even the occasional store mouse.

Price:  $25.00

Old Fashion Christrmas 2013
SKU: 4016OFC

Truly an old fashion pony

Price:  $44.99

Painted Harmoney
SKU: 4034627

Known for its distinctive markings, the American Paint Horse is a colorful, naturally intelligent and highly versatile Western breed. Characterized by a broad chest, well-muscled hindquarters and refined head, Paint Horses come in a variety of coat patterns. Painted Harmony was inspired by the close relationship between mare and foal, exemplified here by the seamless blending of this mare's coat pattern into her foal's. Painted Harmony was the winning design in a national competition marking the 50th anniversary of the American Paint Horse Association.

Price:  $45.00

Painted Lady
SKU: 1447

Painted Ladies is a term often applied to resplendent Victorian houses, brightly painted and expertly restored. Armed with this knowledge, New Mexico artist Barbara Quimby cleverly conceived of this Painted Lady Pony, a dolled-up equine celebration of the Victorian spirit as it lives today. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Price:  $0.00

Panda Paws
SKU: 4049713

Its white coat and prominent black eye patches make the Panda one of the most recognizable animals on earth, but it is also among the shyest and rarest. Considered a national treasure in China where it dwells in misty bamboo forests, it was once hunted in the belief its colorful pelt provided magical protection against evil spirits. Now, there are a thousand or so left in the wild, which is why it is on the Endangered Species List. Panda Paws is this Canadian artists way of keeping this adorable, gentle giant alive and well in our thoughts.

Price:  $0.00

SKU: 4058665

Every Painted Pony has a story behind it, and the tale that inspired the artist who created Papoose involves a young Indian mother who is out gathering berries and firewood with her trusty horse, her infant son in a cradle board, and her loyal dog, in preparation for a Rite of Passage ceremony for her younger sister.

SKU: 4041039a

Peonies are pink, they're beautiful, it's true. This Painted Pony, was created just for you. She is kind and loving, and pretty as can be. Her name is, Petals, and she loves to run free...

Price:  $46.99

Pony Lover
SKU: 4046322

For all those that love a pony. This is a pony to be cherished

Price:  $49.99

Prairie Princess
SKU: 4037604a

his Painted Pony, a co-creation of Pop Artist Howie Green and TV legend Alison Arngrim, whose portrayal of Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie was so iconic she was named as the #1 female villain in TV history, is a tribute to the ladies who made their homes on the prairies of America in the 1800s. Those women were tough and sturdy to be sure, but always welcomed a little touch of color, and some decorative trim along a dress seam or a pink bow on their bonnets.

Price:  $0.00

Prince of the Wind
SKU: 4046323

As the story is told, when Sky and Earth gave birth to a royal son they endowed him with the power to fly without wings, the ability to dance without music, and the endurance to rule over the vast Arabian desert. Last of all, they painted his nature with beauty and grace, before enthroning him as Prince of the Wind.

Price:  $50.00

SKU: 4037601

Crow Indians were renowned for colorful bead work and distinctive geometric compositions. They believed that sophisticated color schemes combined with triangular shapes projected sacred power and life. Yellow stood for the place of the suns rising. Rose for the early morning glow. Blue represented the sky. Astride a Pony like Regalia, a Crow Indian would have been a strikingly powerful presence as he rode across the open plains.

Price:  $45.99

Rhinestone Cowgirl
SKU: 4040977a

Every horse-loving girl knows the secret&it's all about the sparkle! From bling on Western belts to dazzling earrings, bracelets and more, Cowgirls know how to ride through life in style. And, no self-respecting Cowgirl would ever head out on the trail without her favorite rhinestone purse. Bring on the bling and saddle-up for the ride of a lifetime with Rhinestone Cowgirl. Shine On!

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Ribbons of Love
SKU: 4055525AA

The artist had the name horse lover in mind when she created a design that featured a pink horse wrapped in free-flowing ribbons that hold red and gold hearts, and frame the portrait of a magnificent silver stallion&.

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Rite of Passage
SKU: 4035999

There are many sacred seasons of our lives, marking important periods of growth and change. One of the most joyous is the journey from childhood to adulthood. Rites of Passage tells the sacred story of girls becoming knowledgeable young women and boys evolving into responsible young men through powerful First Nation colors and symbols. This horse, or Sacred Dog, carries the hopes and dreams of all young people as they travel through life. Green represents growth on this journey of color... blue symbolizes holiness and orange marks the beginning and ending of these sacred transitions in life. The four butterflies represent the Creator and the four stages of life for women. The warrior's footsteps are symbolized by four horse tracks as young men learn about their responsibilities. The Tree of Life stands for the past, present and future generations.

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Rockin Route 66
SKU: 4030254

Route 66 stretched more than halfway across the United States, from Chicago to LA. For more than a half century, it seemed that every vacationing American family took a road trip along its route to see the wonderful and whacky roadside attractions that were designed to catch the eye of passing motorists. From motor courts and Indian curio shops to fancy filling stations, Route 66 had something for everyone. If you were hungry, you could eat at the world-famous Big Texan Steak Ranch (put away a 72-ounce steak dinner in one hour and your bill was paid for you) or the original Bobs Big Boy eatery. Its days of glory now faded, the nostalgic attraction of the "Mother Road" lives on in songs like "Get Your Kicks On Route 66" and this Painted Pony titled, Rockin' Route 66!

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Rodeo Romeo
SKU: 4041040

He's fast as the wind and black as night, you can try to resist him with all of your might. He can spin on a dime and fly through the air, he'll steal your heart with rodeo flair. Look in his eyes and you just can't say no, 'cause this little guy is Rodeo Romeo!

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Runs the Bitterroot
SKU: 12280

The Native Americans' admiration for the horse took many forms. A favored horse dressed for ceremony or war would often be adorned with striking regalia, as well as painted. The beauty and mystery of the Indian horse mask as the emblem of a warrior Pony is captured with great power by an Oklahoma historian/artist in this masterful tribute to Chief Joseph. The legendary leader of the Nez Perce, who is credited with the successful breeding of the Appaloosa, is remembered for his principled resistance to the forced removal of the Nez Perce from their Idaho homelands. Chief Joseph's surrender speech, in which he said "From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever," immortalized him in American history and popular culture.

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Santa Pony 2014
SKU: 4016A

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Santa used a horse to help deliver toys to children around the world, in addition to reindeer? Would he be dressed in holiday finery? In a bright red Santa suit, with fringed leather leg wraps? Would he wear a hat just like his jolly old boss and have a bag of goodies, filled to the brim and overflowing with toys? The artist who created Santa Pony dreamed about just such a Pony when she was a little girl, and has created a Christmas Painted Pony as memorable as Rudolph.

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Santa's Stallion 2013
SKU: 4034634

Santa's reindeer are well known, however, very few people know about "Santa's Stallion!" When the winter wind's blow and the holidays are in the air, Santa calls on his elves to saddle his stunning, white stallion. Together, they travel through the snowy night, delivering gifts to all of the cowboys and cowgirls around the world! Everyone who loves horses receives a special holiday gift, hand-delivered by Santa and his spectacular stallion. Ho, ho, hold your horses!

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Sea Horse Figurine
SKU: 4027292

This is a Painted Pony that Jacques Cousteau would have loved! Ocean lovers no longer need to take a scuba- diving vacation to tropical islands to experience the beauty of an underwater paradise. Sea Horse invites you to discover the deep blue sea, above a colorful coral reef in the company of exotic marine life: a Dolphin, Puffer Fish, Angel Fish, Sea Turtle and, yes, an adorable little Seahorse, so named because it looks like a little horse!

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Song of Angels 2011
SKU: 4022393a

Heavenly angels play an important role in the celebration of Christmas. The beloved Christmas story is told that God gave a small group of tiny angels the special responsibility of watching over Joseph and Mary on their journey to Bethlehem. The angels carefully guided the young couple over rugged terrain during a cold winter night. The same little band of angels was so excited at witnessing the birth of Christ, that they burst into a song that reached the heavens and was so melodious it was heard all over the earth. A host of heavenly angels joined in, singing, "Glory be to God in the highest, and on earth, peace and good will to men." Celebrate the beauty and inspiration of the season with "Song of Angels."

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Spirit Bear Pony
SKU: 4058157

In the Native American belief system, horses and bears have a strong spiritual connection. Using traditional colors, and decorating sacred bear fetish shapes with symbols of strength, courage, power and long life, this Colorado artist, acclaimed for her artistic interpretations of spirit guide animals, has created a Spirit Pony intended to serve as both guardian and protector.

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Spirit of Freedom Rings
SKU: 4027276a

In America, no bird has the symbolic power of the eagle. Native Americans considered eagles to be holy and their feathers sacred, which is why they adorned themselves with eagle feathers to show their rank in the tribe. It is said that the eagle became our national emblem when, at one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War, eagles circled in the sky above the patriots fighting below, "shrieking for freedom." Combining a bald eagle with red, white and blue colors and the stars and stripes of the American flag, Spirit of Freedom soars.

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Squash Blossom 2 LEFT
SKU: 4046326

The inspiration for Squash Blossom comes from the artists admiration of the beautiful, hand-hammered silver-and-turquoise jewelry made by Navajo silversmiths, and the fine textiles created by Navajo weavers. Incorporating both of these highly sought- after trade items into this gorgeous design  a squash blossom pendant for the breast plate, a traditional, banded, Navajo Chiefs Blanket draped over the Ponys back  she has created an iconic equestrian tribute to the Dineh, as the Navajo call themselves.

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Stage Coach
SKU: QRS 00001

This item is retired My customer is thinning out her herd. The normal cost of this ponie would be 55.00

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Stands in Beauty
SKU: 4027277

There is a Navajo healing ceremony that bears the name "Beautyway." The term cannot be precisely translated. Its meaning has to do with being in harmony with all things, all people, all animals; and when you recognize the beauty in your surroundings, that success, well being and happiness will come your way. Stands in Beauty reminds us that beauty is everywhere, if we take the time to look around us.

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Star is Born
SKU: 1013946

Each Spring, a ritual is reborn across the great plains, as Appaloosa mares give birth to the next generation of foals. These majestic horses were beloved by Native Americans, and were prized for their bold colors and brave hearts. A Star is Born, captures this breathtaking renewal of life as a mother proudly welcomes her beautiful baby.

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Star Spangled Rodeo
SKU: 4046344

With that introduction, a magnificent white Appaloosa decorated with a distinctive blue-star pattern prances into the center of the arena, a sight so beautiful that fans are left breathless. As they leap to their feet, the rumble of a trumpet signals the start of the National Anthem, Old Glory snaps in the breeze, the thunder of applause swells from the stands, and another Rodeo begins&

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Storm Rider
SKU: 4026392

The sky darkens ominously. Gusting blasts of wind kick up dust. Z-bolts of lightning flash from cloud-to- ground like jagged spears thrown by an angry mythological god. There is a sudden loud crack of thunder that sounds like the floorboards of Heaven have collapsed under the weight of the rain, snow and hail that pour down from above, as Storm Rider charges across the landscape, snorting, rearing, and bucking like a wild stallion.

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Sundown to Moonrise
SKU: 4052786

Known for his highly personalized, contemporary interpretations of Nature, this former Creative Director with a New York Marketing agency turned fine arts painter has focused his artistic talent on the wondrous effects of a sundown and moonrise on a stand of saguaro cactus in an effort to offer new dimensions in how we see our one-of-a-kind desert landscape. A Standard Edition figurine is an open-numbered casting that comes with a Story Card inside an attractive, laminated box that completes the collectability of every Painted Pony.

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Sweet Treat
SKU: st 01

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SKU: 4022067

For centuries, sweethearts have shared their affection for one another with sweet sentiments that have been carefully decorated with hearts and flowers. Sweetheart is also a charming term of endearment that symbolizes love and caring. This romantic Painted Pony is embellished with delicate golden tendrils, surrounded by lovely leaves and fanciful flowers that blossom with red hearts which are featured on a stunning black background. This traditional Ukrainian style of painting is appreciated for its delicacy and complexity and has been treasured for over 2,000 years. Discover what true love is all about with Sweetheart.

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The Guardian
SKU: 4034628A

"Of all the animals, the horse is the best friend of the Indian, for without it he could not go on long journeys. A horse is the Indian's most valuable piece of property. If an Indian wishes to gain something, he promises his horse that if the horse will help him he will paint it with native dyes, so that all may see that help and protection have come to him through the aid of his horse."

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Tickled Pink
SKU: 4046324

My heart sings, Im in harmony with you Joyful elation, Ill never be blue Im Tickled Pink, youve played the right key Loves inspiration, the whole world can see

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Tin Star Sheriff
SKU: 4037604

In the Wild West days, frontier sheriffs who did not have access to badge manufacturers but wanted some means of identification that carried authority when they came up against dastardly villains, would sometimes cut stars out of tin cans. When added to fancy shirts with Old West styling, spangled buttons, and handcuffs that dangled like jeweled bracelets, these Tin Star Sheriffs not only kept law and order, they were the best dressed good guys of the Old West.

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Trail Blazer
SKU: 4041041

Legend tells of spotted horses that blazed trails throughout the American West. They were the constant companions of the Nez Perce, expert hunters and trackers who traveled with the seasons. Their journeys are reflected in the distinctive blanket pattern of their beloved Appaloosas. Together, they rode into history as brave Trailblazers.

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Trail of Tears
SKU: 4030257

A dramatic and moving followup to the bestselling Wounded Knee, Trail of Tears respectfully remembers one of the saddest episodes in American and Native American history: the forced relocation of the Cherokee Indians from their Tribal Lands in Oklahoma during the brutal winter of 1838. This Painted Pony represents the struggle of the Cherokee people who were made to march more than a thousand miles under the worst possible conditions. There were many losses during this long march, it is said that a beautiful Cherokee Rose grew wherever a tear had fallen, in remembrance of those who were lost. Somehow the Cherokee managed to survive the cold and the snow, their dignity intact, in the belief there were better days to come

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Tribal Rose
SKU: 4035092

For centuries, tattooing with ink or dyes, also known as skin art, has been practiced within different tribal cultures by both men and women as a way of indicating social position. Since the 1990s, as modern techniques allowed for a range of elaborate designs and colors, tattoos have become a mainstream part of Western fashion for decorative and cosmetic reasons. Popular among both sexes is the image of a flower, in particular a red rose.

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SKU: 4055520

On a literal level, "Unconquered" depicts a magnificent white stallion - radiant and shimmering, mane and tail flying in the wind, a symbol of power, strength and renewal - rising Phoenix-like from the rubble of the fallen World Trade Center that was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001. But this only tells half the story, for there is a deeper meaning behind this stunning sculpture. Unconquered" also stands as an inspiring and patriotic representation of the triumphant response to adversity that defines the indomitable American Spirit. S

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Victorian Christmas 2011
SKU: 4016B

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War Cry
SKU: 4018360

On a barren, windswept hill in eastern Montana there stands a tall obelisk inscribed with the names of the 268 men of the 7th Cavalry who lost their lives on June 26, 1876, in the Battle of Little Bighorn. Custer's Last Stand is remembered by most Americans as a shocking defeat for the United States 7th Cavalry. However, for Native Americans, it is remembered as the last chapter in the Native American struggle to preserve and defend their homeland and traditional way of life. There has been no equivalent memorial for Native Americans' heroic sacrifice, until now. This gives War Cry its power and poignancy.

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War Eagle 1 LEFT
SKU: 4053763

Native Americans felt a kinship with all animals, but held eagles, hawks, owls and other birds of prey in especially high esteem because their vision, swiftness and fearless courage typified the qualities a warrior needed to be successful. The golden eagle, often referred to by Plains Indians as the war eagle because of its willingness to go after game larger than itself - fox, coyote, sheep - was believed to be the most powerful of all creatures in the animal kingdom, which is why its feathers were incorporated into the headdresses and war bonnets worn by chiefs as they rode into battle.AVAILABLE 2/15/2016

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Warrior Brothers
SKU: 4020478

A special bond existed between a warrior and his horse. They communicated on the most intimate and subtle levels. A whispered word, the squeeze of a leg or a shift in body position could often determine the outcome of a hunt or fight. As the Apsaalooke Chief Plenty Coups is quoted as saying, "My horse fights with me and fasts with me, because if he is to carry me in battle he must know my heart and I must know his or we shall never become brothers." A warrior also often painted his favorite war pony with the same pattern and colors he used for his own face and body, letting everyone know that they were as one, in heart and soul; that they were Warrior Brothers.

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Wedding Wishes
SKU: 4046347

Heres a cheer for the bride and groom, From everyone around the room. Lets celebrate your special day, And happiness thats here to stay! Wishing you the joy, prosperity, togetherness and happy trails that only a marriage filled with love can bring!

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Western Charm
SKU: 4030252a

Take a bracelet adorned with sterling silver Western charms (a saddle, star, spur, horseshoe, cowboy boot and Conestoga wagon)... wrap it around a pretty Palomino horse that is dressed in the kind of scrolled and tooled leather you find on fancy chaps... then put a silver Longhorn steer medallion on the base... and what do you have? A designer showcase of a Painted Pony titled Western Charm.

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Westward Ho
SKU: 4025996

Years ago, it was fashionable for travelers to adorn their suitcases with colorful stickers that let the world know where they'd been. This was especially true of those taking road trips through the American West, retracing the trails first traversed by wagon trains that began their journey to California to start a new life with the cry, "Westward, Ho!" Well-worn suitcases, decorated with vintage stickers featuring states, historic sites, national parks and roadside attractions were the sign of a seasoned traveler and today they are highly collectible. Westward, Ho! takes us all on a trip back in time.

Price:  $44.99

Wrecking Ball
SKU: 4055523SS

he hottest celebrities on the Rodeo Circuit today are the professional bull riders - those rough and tumble cowboys who strive for an eight second ride on the back of a leaping, spinning, 2,000 pound beast that is all muscle and meanness. As anyone who has seen a bull riding event knows, it is a thrilling, dangerous, action-packed sport whose spirit and appeal is perfectly captured in Wrecking Bull.

Price:  $55.00

Yankee Doodle
SKU: 4040981a

Fireworks, a starry sky, an American flag, and notes of music strung across it all, this Pony reminds us of the song that was originally sung by British military officers before the Revolutionary War to make fun of the ragtag farmers that made up the colonial army, whom they perceived as country bumpkins. When the Yankees defeated the British, however, they began singing it as a proud anthem to taunt their English foes. Today, Yankee Doodle is one of Americas most popular patriotic songs.

Price:  $25.00

Zuni Mare
SKU: 4018393

The Zuni Indians of New Mexico have inhabited the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona for over 1,000 years. Their pueblo was the first stop on the infamous search for the "Seven Cities of Cibola" by the Spanish in 1539. Among the rich traditions the Zuni are known for is pottery making. Zuni pots are distinguishable from the pottery of other pueblos by 1) material (Zuni potters dig their own clay); 2) design (the surface of their pots is usually a reddish color superbly decorated with fine lines and complicated geometric patterns created with white paint); and 3) shape (in addition to spherical bowls, Zuni pots were sometimes shaped like animals). Zuni Mare was respectfully inspired by the traditions of ancient as well as contemporary Zuni artisans. I WAS ABLE TO GET 3 OF THESE PONIES. ORDER FAST THEY WON'T LAST

Price:  $39.99